HaircutBob  Haircutter/Stylist

I have been a hairdresser since 1979, having been drawn to the business by my dad who was a barber with his own shop in Upstate NY. I started out working in Upstate NY, and then in Manhattan at Bloomingdales. I worked in Fort Lauderdale for 5 years as a hairdresser before moving to San Francisco in 1985. I started working in SF at I. Magnin in their 3rd floor salon and then went to Macys where I was a manager/stylist in the store salon. I started working in the Castro in 1990 at Prisms Salon and worked there for 9 years before moving to Los Angeles. While in Los Angeles I worked at CBS Television City and was a hairdresser on "The Bold and the Beautiful", "The Young and the Restless", "Hollywood Squares" (where I had the immense pleasure of styling people such as RuPaul, Donny Osmond and Raquel Welch, to name a few). I also had the pleasure of cutting Sydney Pollacks hair from time to time. I moved back to San Francisco in 2002 and started working at UpHair in the Castro at 4084 18th street where I can be found today, cutting the hair of a clientele that has been with me and continually growing since first moving to San Francisco. How lucky am I?

Most of what I do now revolves around cutting, coloring and highlighting.

I work Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays. I can take Sunday appointments if the need arises. 

My clientele is both men and women.